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Amy Klobuchar on Friday called for a new “Opioid Tax” during the ABC Democrat debate.

We can put a 2 cents per milligrams tax on opioids that brings in another $40 billion,” Klobuchar said.

However, Klobuchar’s tax on opioids would end up hurting those who use the medicine for legitimate purposes, since the burden of the tax would be borne by the consumer.

A report by Alex Brill and Women In Government shows that “the tax would do little to discourage inappropriate use, could have the unintended consequence of promoting illicit opioids for some, and would raise the cost of health care generally.”

New CDC data show that illicit fentanyl is what is killing people today.

As ATR has previously noted, a tax on opioid medicine would in fact make the illegal synthetic drug types even more attractive to the people suffering from addiction. 

Klobuchar’s proposal is dangerous and would end up only harming more people by punishing them for using medicine needed for legitimate purposes.

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