Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to combating anti-worker legislation and the promotion of free and open labor markets. Currently, forced membership into an organized labor union, anti-worker legislation, and overregulation of the marketplace represent the pure antithesis of liberty. The self-determination workers have over their employment is sacrificed when that power is taken from the individual and placed under the control of excessive burdens and external regulations. To this end, the Alliance for Worker Freedom engages in several projects that help advance the cause of individual liberty in the workplace.

American Shareholders (AS) was founded to grow the number of Americans invested in the stock market and to give a voice to individual shareholders in the public policy debates affecting savings and investment.

Media Freedom Project advocates deregulatory, free market solutions to media and technology policy issues.
Property Rights Alliance (PRA) is a non-partisan advocacy organization that utilizes research, lobbying and educational efforts to protect physical and intellectual property rights around the globe. Specifically, grounded in free market economics and the fundamental principle of ownership and competition, PRA seeks to inform national and international legislators about the benefits and perils of decisions concerning property rights.
“Stop eTaxes” fights efforts to tax digital and real goods purchased online. Around the country, a growing number of states are looking to tax online purchases. In addition to raising taxes, these efforts also seriously impede interstate commerce, encourage online black-markets, threaten property rights, and hamper a growing free-market.