Last week, Americans for Tax Reform joined other activists, policymakers and organizations to condemn Washington’s spending addiction by circling the country on the Spending Revolt Tour. Mattie Corrao, Executive Director of ATR’s Center for Fiscal Accountability, spoke at stops in Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin, highlighting ATR’s efforts to cut spending and speaking with local activists who want to see a change in Washington’s spending culture.

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist met up with the Spending Revolt Tour in Wisconsin, speaking to groups of concerned taxpayers alongside Congressman Paul Ryan and Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips.

The Spending Revolt Tour has made one thing clear: taxpayers across the country are fed up with how they’ve been treated by their government. After years of household belt-tightening, Americans are sick of watching their government continue to spend their tax dollars with reckless abandon. The failure of the “stimulus” plan and other government spending measures to generate any economic growth, coupled with a suffocating regulatory regime and onerous tax burden, inspired Americans from all walks of life – many who had never had any interest in politics – to come to the Spending Revolt stops and share how the government spending burden has affected them. For its part, Americans for Tax Reform has been championing fourteen ways to signficantly cut government spending, and will continue to promote spending restraint and fiscal prudence at the federal, state and local levels.

For pictures of the tour, check out Spending Revolt’s flickr stream. The bus is expected to roll into Washington, D.C. to deliver the signatures it collected on the bus to Congress on November 15, the first day members return from the recess – be sure to look for updates here and at!