Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, has written an open letter to Senators urging them to support the "Three-D: Domestic Energy, Domestic Jobs and Deficit Reduction Act of 2011." If passed, this legislation could spur $10 trillion in additional economic activity, $2.3 trillion in government revenue, and 2 million jobs for American workers: 

"A reintroduction of the “No Cost Stimulus Act of 2009,” the Three-D Act is intended to liberate American industry through commonsense regulatory reform.  Over the last several years, businesses have found themselves hamstrung due to the efforts of unelected federal bureaucrats whose ideological attachment to the agenda of “Big Green” government has found expression through a litany of oppressive and unnecessary regulations.  This is precisely what Sen. Vitter intends to fix.      

"His bill operates on several levels.  First of all, it puts a leash on the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal departments, which have been gradually usurping Congressional authority by unilaterally determining the boundaries of their own jurisdiction. If passed, The Three-D Act would force the EPA and Department of the Interior to reissue unfairly revoked business permits, expedite the judicial review process for energy projects, and amend the Clean Air Act to prohibit regulation of greenhouse gasses.    

"As it stands, the current administration has ignored judicial instructions to proceed with offshore drilling permits and maintains an illegal moratorium on the practice. The Three-D Act would promote energy independence by directing the Secretary of the Interior to open up Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) planning areas to commercial interests.  Finally, the Three-D Act will prevent environmental NGO’s from receiving legal fees from the Judgment Fund if their litigation is intended to prevent access to energy resources or diminish private property value."

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