Two-time Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer will be force for deregulation

WASHINGTON – President Bush today announced his intention to nominate Robert M. McDowell
to the vacant fifth seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). McDowell, currently
Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for the Competitive Telecommunications
Association (CompTel), promises to be a strong advocate for taxpayers at the FCC.

McDowell’s pro-taxpayer record is well established. McDowell has twice run for office in the
Commonwealth of Virginia, and both times signed Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection
Pledge, by which candidates pledge to voters not to support a tax increase of any kind.

“President Bush has made an excellent choice with the nomination of Rob McDowell to the
said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, who heads Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in
Washington, D.C., “McDowell’s record suggests he will be a welcome voice for taxpayers and
free market policies on important telecommunications, technology and media issues.”

McDowell’s placement on the FCC will complete a trio of strong Republican commissioners. Kevin
Martin was elevated to Chairman with the retirement of former Chairman Michael Powell early last year, and Deborah Taylor Tate joined the Commission in late 2005.