Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has issued its recommendations for the most important ballot measures to be decided on by Michigan voters on November 6. As part of its comprehensive 2012 State Ballot Measure Guide, ATR is highlighting four Michigan measures that will have serious implications for taxpayers in the state and across the country.

ATR urges “NO” votes on Proposals 2 and 3, and “YES” votes on Proposals 5 and 6.

Proposal 2: First, it would enshrine private and public sector employees’ collective bargaining rights in the state constitution. Second, it would empower most union contracts to override state and local laws regarding employee compensation, work conditions, and union funding…Proposal 2 is akin to a steroid injection for already powerful government employee unions. Americans for Tax Reform urges voters to vote “NO” on Proposal 2.

Proposal 3: Known as a “renewable portfolio standard,” this is an inflexible measure that will drive up energy prices while making it very difficult for the state to adapt to advances in energy technology in the future…Proposal 3 is unique in that it would enshrine the mandate in the constitution. This will prevent state lawmakers from revising the mandate should its target become unrealistic…But perhaps most important is this measure’s impact on energy prices. Some estimates peg the implementation of Proposal 3 above $10 billion. Those costs will be passed on to Michigan’s energy consumers at a time when they can scarce afford them. Americans for Tax Reform urges a “NO” vote on Proposal 3.

Proposal 5: Proposal 5 would require a two-thirds “supermajority” vote in each chamber of the legislature in order to raise taxes…Proposal 5 will help keep the growth of state government in check, and impose an additional safeguard against tax hikes. Americans for Tax Reform urges voters to vote “YES” on Proposal 5.

Proposal 6: This measure would require voter approval for any new publicly funded international bridge or tunnel. The specific issue at hand is a new government-funded bridge to Canada, funded by the federal government, the Canadian government, and a Canadian loan to the State of Michigan…The bridge project is already dubious; voters should at least be given the opportunity to weigh in on its construction. Americans for Tax Reform urges voters to vote “YES” on Proposal 6.