WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the Florida general election taking place Tuesday, Americans for Tax Reform has released an updated list of incumbents and challengers for state legislative and state-wide office who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes. ATR strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment when they vote on Tuesday, November 6. The list of incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and will be on the ballot Tuesday is as follows:




Greg Evers (S-2)
Joe Negron (S-32)
John Thrasher (S-7)
Janet Adkins (H-11)
Larry Ahern (H-66)
Frank Artiles (H-118)
Dennis Baxley (H-23)
Michael Bileca (H-115)
Jason Brodeur (H-28)
Matt Caldwell (H-79)
Steve Crisafulli (H-51)
Clay Ford (H-2)
Tom Goodson (H-50)
Doug Holder (H-74)
Clay Ingram (H-1)
Debbie Mayfield (H-54)
Seth McKeel (H-40)
Marlene O’Toole (H-33)
Kathleen C. Passidomo (H-106)
Warren Keith Perry (H-21)
Ray Pilon (H-72)
Steve Precourt (H-44)
Ken Roberson (H-75)
Greg Steube (H-73)
John Trobia (H-53)
Charles Van Zant (H-19)
John Wood (H-41)



Fritz Jackson Seide (S-12)

Jeff Brandes (S-22)
Soren Swensen (S-29)
Juan Selaya (S-33)
Travis Hutson (H-24)
Jeffrey Onest (H-29)
Neil Combee (H-39)
John Wood (H-41)
Marco Pena (H-49)
Cary Pigman (H-55)
Ross Spano (H-59)
Marylynn Magar (H-82)
Carla Pavalock (H-98)