The Federal Communications Commission has repeatedly designed rules that will allow them to insert themselves in between consumers and their video content.  

The FCC has tried to justify its rule-making by arguing that cable television “set top boxes”, drive up costs, saying that we need more competition.  But the FCC overreach went beyond this claim. The FCC is demanding part of the control of the program licensing process.  Ominously, no one has yet seen the actual rules that would grant them this power.  

As the FCC final vote has drawn closer the opposition among Americans has intensified.

Still, no one has seen these rules that were about to become regulation.  Under increasing pressure, Chairman Tom Wheeler was forced to delay the vote; delayed, not rejected.

Even with the uproar, Chairman Wheeler insists that the vote will still happen and without public comment.

The following can be attributed to Grover Norquist:

It is good news that the FCC has announced it will “delay” a vote on its regulations regarding ‘set top box’ rules.  This delay is the result of public opposition and anger at the lack of transparency.

The demand for transparency is non-negotiable.

It is the law that the public have time to comment on proposed rules before a vote, and significant change requires public comment as well.

It hard to believe the proposed rules haven’t changed drastically from the first round put out for public comment.

The call for transparency isn’t just a request; it is the law.  I hope the FCC decides to follow the law this time.


Sign the petition asking the FCC for transparency here:  

Stop The Federal Government from Getting between You and Your TV