Retailers claim nationally states could raise $23 billion dollars in revenue if they collected internet sales tax, and then they whine when taxpayers point out that it is a tax increase. It is a clear deviation from current tax law and allows state taxcollectors to reach across thier borders itnto your pockets.

This proposed legislation would not only hurt small business but complicate states sales tax and force everyday American to pay more in taxes.  With the internet expanding every day and retailers increasing their online presence, pressure is building on Congress to do something. Unfortunately, the Marketplace Fairness Act is not the remedy.

This proposed legislation has a number of troubling implications to not only businesses but to individual customers as well.  This bill makes businesses responsible for collection and remittance of out-of-state consumer purchase, therefore making businesses become sales tax collectors for all states. Businesses would also have to send personal information about their businesses to a host of state revenue departments, instead of just the one in their state. This has the potential to make individuals and businesses alike vulnerable to the dangers associated with the loss of personal data. Bottom Line: the Marketplace Fairness Act opens the door for higher taxes everywhere.

At a time when Americans are already overtaxed, passing the Marketplace Fairness Act would be only make things worse. Allowing the federal government to increase their taxing authority so broadly would be a disaster for the American people and businesses across the country. Instead of looking for new ways to tax, the government should instead embrace restraint and leave the current system alone.

Read Grover Norquists Letter to Senators, requesting the stand strong against budget amendments promoting Internet sales tax, here.

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