Americans for Tax Reform is investing $756,000 for television ads in New York’s competitive race for the 18th Congressional District. Democrat Sean Maloney is challenging Republican Nan Hayworth in the Hudson Valley district.

The ad will begin airing on Saturday, October 13th and will run for two weeks on all major cable and network television channels in the district.

The ad begins by explaining that Democrat Sean Maloney is a tax-raising politician who supports raising taxes on small businesses. Maloney’s support for allowing tax rates to automatically expire on more than one million small businesses could result in 700,000 lost jobs nation-wide.

In the district, only Congresswoman Nan Hayworth has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to New York voters to oppose higher taxes. Sean Maloney has refused to sign the Pledge, leaving the door open to higher taxes.

“Sean Maloney’s plan for higher taxes should concern voters in New York’s 18th District. It is a job killing agenda that will prevent genuine economic recovery,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Maloney’s Manhattan mentality of forcing taxpayers to fork over more of their hard earned money ignores a basic fact: Washington does not have a revenue problem, it has an overspending problem. The Maloney tax and spend agenda is simply out of touch.”