Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) congratulates Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer Kari Lake for securing the GOP nomination for the gubernatorial race in Grand Canyon State.

As a signer of the Pledge, she made a written commitment to the people of Arizona to oppose and vote against any and all increases in tax once she is elected. 

She is a dedicated conservative who will continue lowering taxes. Kari Lake fully supports school choice, expanding parental rights, and gun rights. She has correctly noted that “[progressives’] taxes, regulations, and wasteful spending are driving businesses away at a record pace and preventing new ones from getting off the ground. People are fleeing in droves.” Lake has signaled her willingness to fight for economic freedom in the Grand Canyon State and to stem the tide of failed progressive policies. It is welcome that she has put this commitment in writing.  

The people of Arizona are looking for more solutions that create jobs and grow the economy. Kari Lake signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and holding the line on taxes is the first step of that process.

Come November 8, Kari Lake will be going up against Democrat nominee Katie Hobbs, whose record is marred by flip flops on Title 42, votes against measures to support free speech and longstanding opposition to tax relief measures. As part of the Arizona legislature she voted against proposals to adopt a flat income tax and provide tax reductions for business.

It is evident that Kari Lake is the best choice for Arizona taxpayers and their wallets.