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Nearly 20 years ago, many of the innovations we know, and love were simply figments of the imagination. But today, with the growth of technology, we have ride sharing, online dating and even AI technologies are starting to take off.

Many of these changes were facilitated by American leadership from 3G to 4G, which reflects the importance of winning the global race to 5G. Now that 5G, the next generation of connectivity,  is on the horizon, it will change our lives forever with new innovations, if we let it.  

Demri Scott, Fellow at Digital Liberty, a sister organization of Americans for Tax Reform, wrote an op-ed in the Daily Caller, detailing the importance of winning the race to 5G.

Scott explains that: “The U.S. won the global race to 4G, which facilitated the rise of ride sharing, online dating, and social media thanks to increased data speeds on cell phones. These new innovations brought a boost in our economy that increased GDP by $100 billion annually. Now, we’re slated to revolutionize our lives with the advent of 5G, and we can’t afford to lose the race against our competitors.”

And that, “The problem is that we aren’t the only team on the field that wants to get to more innovations faster. Countries like China desperately want to be the first to 5G after seeing the American successes brought by 4G. China has outspent the U.S. by $24 billion and built 350,000 new sites for their 5G network. Ultimately the U.S. needs to keep up the pace with global competitors to receive all of the benefits of getting 5G service.”

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