American Conservative Union and over 30 grassroots groups ( find the whole list at ) urge state legislators to introduce and pass resolutions calling on their federal representatives to pass fundamental tort reform.

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) announced today that it had received the full backing of the nation\’s oldest Conservative activist group – the American Conservative Union (ACU) – and a host of grassroots and business associations for one of its newest campaigns: the Legislative Advisory Project. The broad coalition signed a letter to every state legislator in the country asking each to support and pass a resolution calling on his state\’s federal representative to pass comprehensive tort reform legislation.

Opportunistic trial lawyers across the country have exploited lenient local tort laws to extort huge awards, and thus huge legal fees, from doctors, manufacturers, tobacco companies, and food processors. Our decentralized legal system allows smart lawyers to "venue shop" for the right state or county in which to make millions. If a state succeeds in passing reform, its state supreme court usually throws out the law. A federal reform is the only way to address this problem.

"It is a good day for consumers and medical patients, because a strong coalition has come together behind ATR\’s effort to advance tort reform at the federal level," said Kerri Houston, Project Director of ACU\’s National Lawsuit Abuse Coalition. "Frivolous and malicious lawsuits cost our country $179 billion in 2000, or $636 for every man, woman, and child. Unrestricted lawsuits are denying medical care to pregnant women and the poor in many states, and thousands of workers are laid off when their companies are forced into bankruptcy. A federal reform must stop this mushrooming crisis immediately."

ATR\’s Legislative Advisory Project began in 2001, when 27 states passed resolutions calling on their federal representatives to support and pass the original Bush tax plan. This year, ATR is encouraging legislators to act on eight resolutions, from the Bush tax reform agenda to national defense to tort reform. For more information, go to

"When a state\’s local elected officials – those closest to the people – call on their federal representatives in Washington to take action, Senators or Congressmen should listen," said ATR\’s Grover Norquist. "I thank this broad coalition for its support in our effort to apply pressure for positive change in Washington."