What does Alaska gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker really believe? On October 11, He told the Alaska Dispatch News: “I have no intention to implement a statewide tax or paying for state government by reducing Permanent Fund dividend checks.  If we properly develop out natural resources and put in place a sustainable budget that should not be necessary.”

Yet, he is the same Bill Walker who wrote: “We must establish a state income tax.  With a tax, the people will pay closer attention as the state painfully spends our hard earned tax dollars.  Our legislators will be frugal knowing that they are spending their constituents’ tax dollars.  Our legislators will be frugal knowing that their constituents are paying attention.”

Alaskans should ask Walker, who has NOT signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge – a promise from elected officials to their constituents not to raise taxes – what he really believes. Given his shifting stance on a state income tax, it seems like Walker embodies the worst aspects of Washington, D.C.-style politics.