WASHINGTON – The Alaskan delegation, under the sponsorship of Rep. Lisa Murkowski (R-Anchorage), is considering a bill that would result in the highest alcohol tax in an election year. Lisa Murkowski, through her efforts to raise and increase government spending on Alaskan citizens has secured the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) "Enemy of the Taxpayer" award for the month of January.

Murkowski sponsored House bill 225 that would increase the state alcohol tax — already one of the highest in the nation – from 3 to 4 cents a drink to 10 cents, a 300 percent jump.

"State tax increases don\\\\\\\’t make any sense, particularly during a recession," said Grover Norquist, president of ATR. "Murkowski\\\\\\\’s plan to increase alcohol taxes unfairly targets a product that is legal to buy, sell, and produce. Furthermore, Murkowski\\\\\\\’s style of government would impose her social agenda on the consumer choices of supposedly free citizens.

"Murkowski\\\\\\\’s vision of society is to levy regressive sales taxes on adult citizens who make choices that she clearly thinks they should not. Murkowski must think she knows best, and that everyone else should follow her lead. I disagree," concluded Norquist.