As if the disappointment of the budget wasn’t enough, supporters of a free and robust economy were again disappointed yesterday when President Obama, in his “youtube” interview, stated he remained committed to government regulation of the internet:                          

Well, I‘m a big believer in net neutrality. I campaigned on this. I continue to be a strong supporter of it. .. so this is something we’re committed to.
Indeed, despite the public outcry against this power-grab, despite all the evidence that it will slow internet speeds, stifle innovation, and destroy jobs, President Obama seems determined to stay the course.
The irony, of course, is that this was uttered on the very internet that President Obama and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski wish to regulate and shut down. Make no mistake, once we begin replacing network administrators with bureaucrats, once we start telling companies how to structure their networks, once we start outlawing efficient management, then online productivity will grind to a halt. The hard-left ideological radicals will rejoice, for equality will be achieved – no-one will have a good internet connection. And all Americans will suffer.