Yet again the Obama administration has had to concede that the Affordable Care Act is not as popular amongst taxpayers as they have previously claimed.

In another fatal blow to the law, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell admitted that almost 30 percent less people will be covered by the exchanges than has been previously forecast, with as few as 9 million to have insurance by the end of 2015.

The latest forecast has also predicted that almost 20 percent of those who got coverage last year will not renew plans for 2015.

Although the low number can be partially explained by canceled plans, it is also a result of typical big government incompetence. HHS was forced to drop 112,000 immigrants who were unable to prove their eligibility.

The new forecast is far lower than the estimate of 13 million people covered that was provided by the Congressional Budget Office. HHS officials stated that they believe the CBO report was far too optimistic. 

It really shouldn’t be surprising that taxpayers are abandoning the failed exchanges. The controversial law has attracted negative press ever since the botched website rollout last year.  Even a year later it seems that administration officials haven’t figured out how to run a website. According to confidential reports, various contingency plans have been made to ensure that the frail healthcare.gov will function properly.