The Third Congressional District of New Mexico now has an official signatory of the ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Recently, Republican challenger Mr. Adam Kokesh signed the ATR Pledge becoming the first candidate in the race to do so.

Cook Political Report classifies the seat as a D+7 on the PVI index. The seat is currently held by Democratic Congressman Ben Lujan, who was elected in 2008. Though the PVI index favors the incumbent, there is certainly a long way to go in this contest.
As a pledge signer, Mr. Kokesh has made a commitment to the taxpayers in New Mexico that he will fight to ensure that their taxes are not increased. Congressman Lujan is not a current pledge-signer, but we here at ATR encourage Rep. Lujan and all candidates for Federal office to follow suit and pledge to the taxpayers that they will do their part in fighting on behalf of the interests of those who elect them.
To see the official ATR release on Adam Kokesh, please click here.