Today, the House Committee on Rules is meeting to craft the rule to bring the DISCLOSE Act to the House floor tomorrow for a vote. This bill, H.R. 5175,  is a targeted attack on free speech, designed to intimidate and silence political speakers.

The bill imposes onerous and unnecessary disclosure requirements on groups of people wishing to speak. While subjecting corporations and advocacy groups to tailored regulatory regimes, other associations of people, such as labor unions, are not burdened by new reporting rules.

One of the bill's authors, Senator Chuck Schumer, has claimed the "deterrent effect" of the legislation should not be "underestimated." It is clear the proponents of the DISCLOSE Act are not interested in disclosure – they are attempting to eliminate the ability of specific groups of people to speak in the political process.

YOU CAN HELP STOP THIS VICIOUS ATTACK ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Click here to take action now and tell your representative to reject this assault on free speech.