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If the Democrats’ tax-and-spend reconciliation bill is enacted, the average top tax rate on personal income would rise to 57.4 percent, according to the Tax Foundation.

This would give the U.S. the highest tax rate in the developed world, and stick all 50 states with a combined federal-state tax rate higher than 50 percent.

The combined federal and state top marginal income tax rates for each state under the Democrat bill are listed below. Please visit the Tax Foundation website for a handy map of the below rates compiled by Alex Durante and William McBride:

New York: 66.2%

California: 64.7%

New Jersey: 63.2%

Hawaii: 62.4%

Washington, DC: 62.2%

Oregon: 62%

Minnesota: 61.3%

Maryland: 60.4%

Vermont: 60.2%

Kansas: 59.6%

Delaware: 59.3%

Ohio: 59.1%

Wisconsin: 59.1%

Kentucky: 58.9%

Iowa: 58.6%

Maine: 58.6%

Connecticut: 58.4%

South Carolina 58.4%

Pennsylvania: 58.3%

Montana: 58.2%

Nebraska: 58.2%

Michigan: 58.1%

Idaho: 57.9%

Illinois: 57.9%

West Virginia: 57.9%

Missouri: 57.8%

Indiana: 57.5%

Rhode Island: 57.4%

Arkansas: 57.3%

New Mexico: 57.3%

Georgia: 57.2%

Virginia: 57.2%

North Carolina: 56.7%

Alabama: 56.4%

Massachusetts: 56.4%

Mississippi: 56.4%

New Hampshire: 56.4%

Utah: 56.4%

Oklahoma: 56.2%

Colorado: 56%

Arizona: 55.9%

Louisiana: 55%

North Dakota: 54.3%

Alaska: 51.4%

Florida: 51.4%

Nevada: 51.4%

South Dakota: 51.4%

Tennessee: 51.4%

Texas: 51.4%

Washington: 51.4%

Wyoming: 51.4%

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