Massachusetts House of Representatives voted 139 to 16 in favor of a bill riddled with cronyism and protectionist policy. The bill regulates Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), such as Uber or Lyft, in a manner that no other state should emulate. Here are 5 policies the Massachusetts bill includes that other states should avoid:

1) TNCs are assessed an annual fee to fund the operating costs of a new “ride for hire division” that will regulate TNCs. The division is allowed to charge a fee each year “to reimburse the commonwealth for funds expended for the division’s activities.” There is no limit on the fee or on the expenses of the division’s activities.

2) TNC drivers must submit to the government their name, address, picture, and license plate number and pay for a background check.

3) It is illegal for anyone under 21 years old to drive for a TNC.

4) It is illegal for a TNC driver to pick up passengers from Logan International Airport

5) Taxicabs will receive subsidies for “economic stabilization measures,” technology advancements, loan guarantees for medallion financing and low or no interest loans on vehicles.