During the New Jersey gubernatorial debate this week, Governor Phil Murphy told the audience, “I pledge to not raise taxes.” The Governor said he’s done raising taxes.

This promise comes as little relief to New Jersey taxpayers who have been burdened with three straight years of tax increases under Murphy. These tax hikes totaled more than $2 billion, hammering New Jersey residents who already paid some of the highest taxes in the nation before Murphy even took office.

Now that Murphy has buried Jersey families and businesses with billions in tax hikes, keeping the state as a consistent leader in outmigration, he’s claiming he won’t drive up taxes further. The Governor could show voters his promise is more than a desperate, empty campaign promise by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and putting his commitment in writing.

Murphy’s opponent in the race for Governor is Jack Ciattarelli, former state legislator. Ciattarelli has already signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, committing to New Jersey voters in writing to oppose all tax hikes. Ciattarelli has also laid out plans to reduce the states excessive tax burden.

New Jersey voters will want to seriously consider whose promise they want to bet their bank account on, because the way the state has been hiking taxes under Phil Murphy, that is what’s at stake.