AR Pledge Signers SB336 Vote

Last week, state lawmakers in Arkansas passed a gas tax out of their chambers, the likes of which has not been seen since 1999.

Thanks to 17 state legislators, Arkansas now has the highest gas tax in the region. Senate Bill 336 – now Act 416 – will go into effect on October 1st increasing the excise tax on gasoline by 3 cents, raising the overall tax to 24.5 cents/gallon. It will also raise the excise tax on diesel fuel by 6 cents, making that overall tax 28.5 cents/gallon.

The hardworking people of Arkansas have the following flip-flopping “yes” men (and women) to thank for making them fork over more cash at the pump:

  • Sen. Jane English
  • Sen. Scott Flippo
  • Sen. Missy Irvin
  • Sen. Blake Johnson
  • Sen. Jason Rapert
  • Sen. Terry Rice
  • Sen. Gary Stubblefield
  • Rep. Harlan Breaux
  • Rep. Mary Bentley
  • Rep. Charlene Fite
  • Rep. Mike Holcomb
  • Rep. Lane Jean
  • Rep. Reginald Murdock
  • Rep. Laurie Rushing
  • Rep. John Rye
  • Rep. Brandt Smith
  • Rep. Danny Watson

View the graphic included at the top of this page to see how all of our pledge signers in the Arkansas Legislature voted on the measure.

According to the Arkansas Democrat – Gazette, some lawmakers were unsure if their vote violated our Pledge. Let us be clear, tax increases hurt taxpayers as much as any new tax does. Prior to the vote, we sent a letter to all of our Arkansas pledge signers encouraging them to vote no on SB 336. Those who supported SB 336 knowingly joined our list of pledge violators.

As disappointed as we are with those who have betrayed their pledge to the Arkansans who support our mission, we also applaud the work of other members of the Arkansas legislature such as Senate Republican leader Bart Hester of Cave Spring who did not vote for either tax increase presented to the legislature this cycle. Les Eaves, Josh Miller, Clint Penzo, and Rebecca Petty also kept their promises and protected Arkansas’ taxpayers.