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What should taxpayers think about the "Gang of Six" announcement today?

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011, 5:32 PM PERMALINK

Americans for Tax Reform today released the following statement from Grover Norquist, president of the group:

“What should taxpayers think about the 'Gang of Six' announcement today?

The Gang of Six ‘plan’ is not written in legislative language.  It is an outline.  It punts many decisions to the Senate Finance Committee.  It deals in ranges rather than specifics.  When it is eventually written down in legislative language and every American can read it, taxpayers will then learn whether the ‘plan’ raises taxes or cuts taxes and seriously reduces spending or fails to mandate spending reductions.  It is a mistake to invest one’s hopes or fears while the ‘plan’ remains unclear and subject to change by a Senate Finance Committee selected by Democratic leader Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

One is reminded of the dangers of pronouncing oneself satisfied with a product before it comes clearly into focus.  Henry VIII was assured by French ambassador Charles de Marillac that Anne of Cleves was tall and slim, ‘of middling beauty, and of very assured and resolute countenance’. 

Best to wait until we can see up close what really is and isn’t there.

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Tell Legislators to Support Gov. Corbett's Effort to Balance the State Budget Without Tax Hikes

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Monday, June 20th, 2011, 1:31 PM PERMALINK

With state budgets across the country swimming in red ink, Pennsylvania is poised to provide leadership by showing the rest of the country how to balance a budget without raising taxes.

Governor Tom Corbett has proposed a budget that ensures the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will do what families and employers across the Keystone State must do every day: live within its means.

Urge your representatives in Harrisburg to stand with Governor Corbett in his fight for fiscal responsibility and sanity by simply filling out the form below:

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Obama and Perdue: Tax-and-spenders of a feather flock together

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011, 4:11 PM PERMALINK

In today's Daily Caller, ATR's Patrick Gleason explains how President Obama's proposals hurt North Carolina businesses, and how NC Gov. Beverly Perdue has doubled down on the President's economically destructive policies at the state level:

On Monday, President Barack Obama went to Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc., to do what he does best — give a speech. The president began his remarks, which focused on the importance of job creation and economic growth, by touting the fact that his host was a “small business that a group of N.C. State engineering students founded almost 25 years ago” and “is now a global company.”

Indeed, small businesses are the engine of economic growth, creating 64% of American jobs. Yet, the president’s rhetoric doesn’t match his policy proposals.

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Top Ten Things Obama Never Told You About Obamacare

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011, 9:26 AM PERMALINK

1. Did you know that . . . since Jan. 1 of this year (2011), you cannot use your flex-account at work (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to purchase over-the-counter medicines?

2. Did you know that . . . since July 1 of last year (2010), Americans have been paying a 10 percent excise tax on all indoor tanning services?

3. Did you know that . . . starting in 2018, if your health insurance is “too good” or considered a “Cadillac” plan, then you will incur a new 40 percent tax on your health plan?

4. Did you know that . . . Obamacare has 21 new or higher taxes in it, totaling over $500 billion in increased taxes going to the government over 10 years?

5. Did you know that . . . beginning in 2014, individuals and families that do not purchase “qualifying”  -- as defined by federal bureaucrats -- health insurance will be forced to pay a yearly tax penalty?

6. Did you know that . . . 7 tax hikes in Obamacare directly break President Obama’s “firm pledge” not to raise any form of taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 per year and families making less than $250,000 per year?

7. Did you know that . . . the capital gains tax rate under Obamacare will rise to 23.8 percent starting in 2012? That is a 59 percent increase from its current rate.

8. Did you know that . . . in 2013, those Americans facing the highest medical bills and the least ability to pay for them will find their ability to deduct medical expenses is further limited (medical expenses must be reduced by 10 percent of income under Obamacare, rather than current law’s 7.5 percent)

9. Did you know that . . . beginning in 2014, businesses with over 50 employees will be forced to offer health coverage for everyone, or pay a hefty tax for each employee?

10. Did you know that . . . in 2013, Obamacare caps the amount individuals and families can put in their flexible savings accounts at $2500? Currently there is no cap and these accounts are used for a myriad of health expenses including paying upwards of $14,000 in tuition to special needs schools for some parents?


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Obamacare Uses the Term "Tax" 255 Times

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011, 9:08 AM PERMALINK

A word search of the 2,409-page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) and the 150-page Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (H.R. 4872) reveals that the term “tax” is used 255 times, “taxable” is used 208 times, and “excise tax” is used 17 times.

Other terms of interest are as follows:


Healthcare Bill


Number of uses


255 times


208 times

“Excise tax”

17 times


 28 times


 183 times


132 times


208 times


51 times


4,384 times



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Coalition of Economic Groups Demand Spending Cuts

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Monday, March 21st, 2011, 4:55 PM PERMALINK

Today, Americans for Tax Reform, joined by twenty-eight fiscally conservative groups, released a letter urging lawmakers to defund Planned Parenthood. After years of explosive spending growth, Congress should immediately eliminate funneling wasteful and unnecessary subsidies to controversial enterprises. Planned Parenthood, which took in over $388 million in profits from 2002 to 2007, should not be allowed to continue to reap the munificence of the public coffers. Like other services best undertaken by the private sector, Planned Parenthood should be required to withstand fair market competition, instead of subsisting on unnecessary taxpayer support. From the letter:

“When the House of Representatives voted two weeks ago to end federal grants and contracts for Planned Parenthood, it did so alongside eliminations for other pet projects, such as military contracts, signaling the sanctimony preserved for institutions revered on both sides of the aisle is coming to a close. It was decided that American taxpayers should not be on the hook for unnecessary and controversial funding at a time when they simply cannot live with any more spending.

The federal budget is out of control, and if we cannot at least eliminate funding for an enormously wealthy, controversial nonprofit like Planned Parenthood, our movement to significantly cut the federal budget to sustainable levels with be dead in the water.

American Taxpayers cannot afford to be unwitting benefactors of endless bailouts, and the Pence Amendment is not just another social-issue skirmish. It is a test of economic and budgetary seriousness. Planned Parenthood must be privatized.”

Signatories to the letter include: Americans for Tax Reform, the Independence Institute, American Civil Rights Union, the Center for Fiscal Accountability, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens Against Government Waste, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, American Shareholders Association, Generation Joshua, Ocean State Policy Research Institution, Young Americans for Liberty,, Young Americans for Freedom, GOProud, Frontiers of Freedom, the Hispanic Leadership Fund, the Civitas Institute, Tea Party Washington, DC, Less Government, Citizen Outreach, the National Center for Public Policy Research, Capital Research Center, American Council for Health Care Reform, RenewAmerica, the Indian American Conservative Council, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, the Florida Center-Right Meeting, ReAL Action,

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2011 Obama/State of the Union BINGO!

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 9:32 PM PERMALINK

Americans for Tax Reform once again presents these handy Bingo cards you may use to check off terms and phrases likely to be used during President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.  As a bonus, print out the different versions of the card and watch the speech with your friends or family.  There are ten different versions! 

How to Play:

1) Make sure you "Like" ATR on Facebook and follow ATR on Twitter and be linked to the ATR Page.

2) Print out as many of the Obama Bingo cards listed below as you like.

3) Watch the ATR Facebook Page and Twitter account as we call out the Bingo terms as the president reveals them.

5) If one of your cards wins, post "Obama Bingo!” and the winning card number to ATR's Facebook wall.  A representative will contact you shortly for an address to mail your prize! 

[Bingo is qualified by any five consecutively filled spaces (including the Government subsidized “free space”)  vertically, horizontally or diagonally]

Click on any of the links below and print your card now!

[Obama BINGO Card 1] [Obama BINGO Card 2]

[Obama BINGO Card 3] [Obama BINGO Card 4]

[Obama BINGO Card 5] [Obama BINGO Card 6]

[Obama BINGO Card 7] [Obama BINGO Card 8]

[Obama BINGO Card 9] [Obama BINGO Card 10]

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Americans for Tax Reform on the Tragedy in Arizona

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Monday, January 10th, 2011, 6:16 PM PERMALINK

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time.  There is no place in society for such horrific and senseless acts of violence. We pray that those responsible for these criminal acts are brought to justice in a timely manner.

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For California taxpayers, a clear choice in the governor's race

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Monday, November 1st, 2010, 2:48 PM PERMALINK

In today's Daily Caller, ATR's Patrick Gleason makes the case for Meg Whitman:

A Wall Street Journal profile of Meg Whitman concluded a year ago that the “danger for her is if the primary or general election turns into a referendum on inexperienced celebrity governors who failed to deliver—in other words, on Arnold.”

Not coincidentally, early last month her Democratic opponent Jerry Brown’s campaign commenced a concerted and effective effort to compare Whitman to Governor Schwarzenegger. During the campaign’s final stretch, Brown has continued to compare Whitman’s lack of political experience to the unpopular Schwarzenegger’s, arguing that Californians would be as dissatisfied with the former eBay CEO as they are with Schwarzenegger.

I say, let’s talk about experience. To be sure, both have a great deal of it, just of a very different sort.

Rather than spend her life running for elected office, asking donors for money, and answering to the demands of the public employee unions and trial lawyers that run Sacramento, as Jerry Brown has, Meg Whitman spent her professional career contributing to America’s GDP.

For the full article, click here.

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